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Tips | Land Origins - Landscaping of New Jersey


  • Remember that container grown plants tend to dry out more quickly than “balled and burlapped” plants. During periods of dry weather, use a watering wand to soak the root ball as needed.
  • It is very important to water trees and shrubs thoroughly as needed during the summer months and in the late fall (November/December) before the onset of winter.
  • Summer thunderstorms can provide some helpful moisture, but should not be considered a substitute for deep watering.
  • Large trees can take several years to become established in the landscape. Additional watering is necessary during dry spells and summer droughts. This is especially important during the first few years to keep your trees healthy and vigorous.
  • Plants that are growing in shady conditions caused by large trees can dry out more quickly because of the competition for moisture from the large tree roots.
  • Wilted leaves can result from the soil being either too dry or too wet. Be sure to feel the soil to determine which scenario may be happening before watering.
  • Bedding plants, hanging baskets and potted plants may need to be watered daily during the summer months. To help with this task, water-grabbing polymers such as Soil Moist can be used for these plants to reduce the frequency of watering. These polymers absorb the excess water that typically drains through the pot, holds it in a jell form and releases it to the roots when needed.


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